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Automatic Door and Glass Specialist is your premier solution in the Indianapolis Indiana area for sales and installation of new automatic doors, including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors and
revolving doors, as well as maintenance and service of new and existing automatic entry systems,including automatic sliding doors, manual ICU and CCU sliding doors, automatic swing doors, low energy swing door operators, full energy swing door operators, in-ground automatic door operators, revolving doors, manual doors and pass-thru and drive-thru window systems.

Industries Automatic Door and Glass Specialist are currently serving

  • Healthcare
  •  Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  •  Schools
  •  Commercial and Industrial buildings
  •  Airports


Our technicians can do any and all automatic door installation in Indianapolis Indiana and Surrounding
Areas. Our professional craftsmen have continuous up to date training to ensure you are getting the
best Commercial automatic door installation in Indianapolis Indiana. Commercial automatic doors keep
people flowing steadily in and out of your business or institution. Make sure that you can keep your
doors open to all of your customers and clients by relying on our speedy repair service. We answer our
phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Ask about fire doors, windows and more.